How Laughter Can Help Your Baby Sleep

Contrary to popular belief and intuition, laughter can help your baby sleep not only faster, but also for longer. Making your child giggle is able to help them release any stress and tension that they have experienced in that particular day, so it helps them to let everything go and relax before bed.

Not only that, but laughter can help your baby sleep because it helps you build a connection with your child. Laughter focuses on one of the major causes of sleep problems that babies most popularly have before they go to bed, since laughing combats the emotional problems that your child has from having to sleep alone.

More specifically, right before bed at night and during the nighttime are the most common times of the day that your child experiences stress or upset feelings. This stress and emotional state makes it difficult for your child to sleep.

Laughter can help your baby sleep and helps to combat these negative emotions because your child feels a connection between you two when you’re laughing and playing together.

In addition to all of this, laughter can help your baby sleep because it induces melatonin, which is a sleep hormone. By making your child laugh, you’re building up the amount of melatonin that their bodies are building up, resulting in them receiving higher quality sleep. In addition to that, laughter can help your baby sleep because it produces happy hormones known as endorphins, which reduces the amount of stress that they feel before bedtime.

Furthermore, laughter can help your baby sleep because it requires a large amount of energy, resulting in your child using more of it and having limited energy left to run off of. Because of this, they’ll fall asleep faster and for a longer time.

Ways to Make Your Baby Laugh

 Given the multiple different reasons on how laughter can help your baby sleep, you are recommended to try and make your baby laugh before they go to bed at night. But it can be difficult to try and make them laugh, since some children don’t seem to even smile when others play with them. Because of that, here are eight ways to make your baby laugh in addition to five additional ways to make older children laugh before bedtime.


Tickle them

Babies love being tickled, so find their tickle spot and go to town on their little bellies and under their armpits. But you shouldn’t tickle too hard or for too long because they may become irritated with it, especially if they feel like they’re being forced to laugh or they can’t stop laughing. Stop tickling them if they start to squirm too much.

 Belly raspberries

Babies also love belly raspberries because of the funny sound of your lips against their tummy. Not only that, but belly raspberries also tickle them, and you look funny while doing it, so they’ll be sure to laugh for belly raspberries.

Sing to them

Either singing funny songs to babies or singing in funny voices to your baby can make them laugh up a storm, especially if it’s able something that they already know about, like their food or a certain stuffed animal.

 Make funny faces

Making funny faces at your baby can also make them laugh, and it’s the best known way to build a connection with your child, since they always see your familiar face. Making funny sounds to go along with funny faces is also a good way to make them laugh.

 Play with toys

Babies love toys, especially if they light up and make sounds. Because of that, you should play light up and singing toys with your baby before it’s bedtime.

Crawl chase

If your baby is old enough, sometimes either chasing them or having them chase you while crawling is a great way to make them laugh.

Act like animals

If you have any pets, like a dog or a cat, then your pet might be able to make your baby laugh more than anything else in the world. But if you don’t, then you can act like animals and make funny animal sounds to make your baby laugh.


Either dancing for your baby or dancing with them is also an extremely effective tactic in getting your baby to laugh. Not only that, but making them dance to funny music while you’re holding them is a great way to get both of you laughing.


 Play tag

Toddlers are older than babies, so they’re more able to chase you faster. Toddlers always seem to laugh during a good game of chase tag.

 Play dress-up

Playing dress- up is one of the oldest and most effective ways to get your young child to laugh, since they can see themselves in ways that they used to seeing.             

 Read silly stories

Your toddler is older than your babies, resulting in them having the ability to understand more stories in different ways. Consequently, either making up your own stories or reading books with your toddler can make them laugh enough to fall asleep quickly.

 Avoid tickling

Toddlers feel over-powered when they’re tickled, since it messes with the power-dynamic that you have with your child. They often feel like they’re forced to laugh, resulting in them getting fussy rather than laughing for the benefit.

Let them play with siblings

Sometimes letting all of your children play together before bed can be beneficial because they’re familiar with each other, and they can play with other kids their own size.

Overall, it can be difficult to get your child to sleep at night, but making sure that your baby receives enough sleep at night is one of the most vital factors tied to their health. Since laughter can help your baby sleep at night, you’re recommended to make your child laugh before it’s bedtime. This will help them fall asleep quicker and for longer periods of time.

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