The Quantum Brain

Do You Know Why We Use Such a Small Fraction of Our Brain?

Would you believe it’s because of our priorities—where we place our focus?
Yes, we actually fragment our brain when we place our focus in quick-fix solutions. When we open our mind and see a bigger picture, our awareness is expanded and we use more of our brain. You may find it difficult to believe that the solution is so simple. All we have to do is change our point of focus. As a society, we stay stuck in the Newtonian pit (see Chapter 2 of the Quantum Brain) when we place our focus in “instant-cure” scenarios. Scientists say we use less than one-tenth of our brain capacity. Could this be why?
Brain Polarization
When we as parents take on the unrealistic expectations of the world, and pass them on to our children, we actually create a polarization in their ability to learn. Children cannot truly learn unless they can be true to themselves.

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