Why Try Rhymes and Songs?

Rhymes and songs provide a wonderful way for you to bond with your child.

Your child will love being able to spend time with you in this way.

Saying rhymes and singing songs is fun! Your child is naturally drawn to the beat, and you might be impressed to see how well your child bounces or dances to the rhythm of a favorite song or rhyme.

Rhymes and songs are great tools for helping your child explore the fun and beauty of language. The rhythm that your child naturally finds so appealing also helps your child to hear all of the individual sounds that make up the words. This is important for helping children learn to speak when they are very young. As they grow older, it will help them learn to read on their own.

Rhymes and songs allow your child to experience language with many senses. For example, your child may enjoy a rhyme with his/her ears (hearing), body (moving or bouncing), and/or with touch (tickles) all at the same time. The more senses a child uses, the stronger the activity’s impact will be.

We have tried to include a wide variety of different kinds of rhymes and songs in this collection. We hope that you and your child enjoy trying some of these out together!

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